A Planet dominated by Robots

Yes, it’s true, there’s a real planet in our solar system that is dominated solely by robots (not humans but robots) and the name of the planet is…



Yes, now that you may think of it, it may sound so obvious.
I would also like to point out that Mars is not the sole planet dominated by robots, Mercury has “MESSENGER” orbiting it, Venus has “The Venus Express” in its orbit and Saturn has “Cassini” revolving around it.
If we add all that up, half the Solar System (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn) is under the dominance of robots.


I’d take this opportunity to point out how we humans are being replaced by robots. Moon, our first adventure outside Earth was manned by a human. But after the evolution of robots, robots are reaching places humans can’t even imagine to land their feet on. As terrifying as it may sound, robots are replacing us.
Put some focus on the last sentence, it means a lot at once, positive and negative. The negative side is one of the biggest fears of humans since the birth of robots, being took over. Robots as we see are learning so much artificial intelligence that in the future they may try to overthrow us, if they start seeing us as threat, they may try to “eliminate the threat”, “eliminate us”. Robots can easily take over if given the brains to do so and we might give them those brains ourselves through artificial intelligence.
On the flip side, if we do control the robots in the future provided their artificial intelligence, we’ll usher in a new era, “the era of robots”, or more accurately “the era of human dominated robots”. And if we reach that era, the possibilities will be endless.
We’ll have a new world in front of us, we will be able to reach even more places
we never could’ve imagined to reach.
This controversy has been going since the invention of artificial intelligence, it’s here to stay unless the scientists prove that they have and will have the robot situation under control and that they’re the masters of the robots, not the other way around.
In this debate I’m on the side of artificial intelligence, I say that the scientists are given their space, they have the situation under control and they will have it the same way even after 10 years, but who am I to decide, time and tide will be the judge.
Hopefully we’ll still be our bosses and we’ll keep discovering new planets and non planets and meteors and cool stuff with the help of robots, robots who work UNDER us, not above.
And who knows if we discover other lifeforms lurking in one of those planets, well that would be interesting.

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7 thoughts on “A Planet dominated by Robots

  1. I was watching Transformers 2 on TV right now, and your blog’s title lured me in… And I was like this is real omg what. Then realized what I meant and… Wow. I had a blonde moment there. ๐Ÿ˜œ

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