Superpowers. Everybody is fascinated by superpowers.

Superpowers give us hope of something bigger than us. Something that exceeds our limits.

Like the “American Dream”, the “British Dream”, and the “Indian Dream”, superpowers are the “Human Dream”.

So undoubtedly, it’s a good topic to talk about in a video.

Boom, here’s a video.

A bit on the bigger side, this one.

This video took so much work. Not only because it’s the biggest video I’ve made, but also because I had to do a tiny bit of research and shit, rather than just speaking my mind.

Anyways, do tell me if you want me to make the superhero video or not.

It won’t come out immediately after this video, but if you do tell me, I’ll start working on it and it might be a couple videos away (no promises though).

I’m tired of asking people to subscribe. So I’m just gonna stop doing that from now on.


Also I meant like proper time manipulation also (slowing down time, pausing time, fast forwarding etc.) when I said time travel. I’m not good with nouns.


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