Let me explain.

Listen. I don’t like doing this. I don’t like shoving my videos down people’s throats using this blog.

This blog isn’t my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel isn’t this blog.

I made this blog as a way for me to be able to write stuff and express my thoughts.

You know the cliché, “expressing my feelings” shit. That was the reason behind this blog.

I loved blogging because I got to do that thing, and I grew a tiny audience out of doing that thing.

It was challenging at first, to write something interesting and engaging in the course of a week and publish it with a spiffy little thumbnail by Saturday.

But after some time of doing it constantly, it wasn’t.

It wasn’t challenging to write a basic blog post in a week, it got repetitive and boring.

This blog was a way for me to escape the boringness, and I couldn’t let this turn into that exact thing I was running away from. The boring routine.

This blog stopped being a creative challenge. And I couldn’t turn it back into one by churning out more stuff and more blog posts with more images and more stuff.

I wanted something new. A new creative challenge.

YouTube. Video.

My channel, Dozy, was that challenge. Now I didn’t only have to write, I had to record audio, make images, draw characters, compile audio and video, and just work on a much more broad and vivid medium.

Making videos was significantly more challenging than writing a blog post.

That’s what I wanted. A challenge.

But I didn’t want to leave this website.

I have memories here. I might not have gotten amazingly famous, but I’ve made friends here.

So the only workaround I had to keep this blog going in some way, was to link my videos to a blog post, and embellish it a little bit.

I did that so I could stay on this website and interact with the people who give a shit about me and what I make (however few of them there may be).

But as the views and my will to continue this keeps dropping, I feel like I have to stop.

I don’t want this blog to be a showcase of my videos. You have my YouTube channel for that.

From now on, either I will write something original, specifically for this blog, on this blog, or I will leave it alone.

I will make more videos. They’ll be on my YouTube channel.

I have some stuff in my mind I’ve been wanting to write about. It involves WordPress and some brutal honesty.

Might write about that in the future. So that’s that.

I know this might seem extremely bitter and abrupt and not thought out. But I just want to be challenged and overcome that challenge through creativity. If this blog doesn’t do it for me, then it’ll rot I guess.

One final time.

If you want to see the blue hammerhead shark fucking around in front of a green background: my YouTube channel.

If you don’t, then: bye.

This blog: Something else hopefully. I don’t know.


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