A Poem On Time

It’s a poem. A poem on time.

So, I wanted to do something different for this video. I’ve really wanted to make a poem in video form for a long time, so I finally decided that I’m gonna do it.

The reason I chose time as the topic for my first poem, is because I love time and time paradoxes and the implications of time and all that jazz. And I’ve been wanting to do a video related to time for a long long time (ha).

So I combined those two things I’ve been wanting to do and formed this video.

I know it has a bit of a depressing undertone to it, but I felt like that kind of a tone was good for this type of poetic video.

I tried to make it more inspirational in the start, but it didn’t work, so I scrapped the idea.

I’m not good with inspiration anyways, so it’s not like I expected it to work, but yeah, still tried, and still failed.

But in the end I’m very happy with the tone I developed this video to, as depressing as it is.

I think like this quite a lot actually. The permanent existentialist part of my brain always thinks about time and how it destroys even the mightiest of beings.

Imagine the one you think is the strongest. The one who cannot be defeated by anyone or anything.

Time can and WILL defeat that person (or thing).

Even if you imagine any fictional character who is immortal and never dies and such, time will defeat them. If not physically, then psychologically.

And that’s real sad. But also kinda awesome.

Time is so cool. I love time.

But time is also depressing, so yeah.

Anyways, that’s it for this one. Blah blah blah, whatever the professional people end their stuff with. Goodbye.


5 thoughts on “A Poem On Time

    1. True. But still, in the broad aspect, this video didn’t contribute anything substantial to your existing knowledge and/or opinions. It was merely a distraction to keep you entertained. But I think that’s the beauty of time, either you cherish its small joys, or you just keep brooding over the broad picture and depress yourself. Anyways, thanks for watching!

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      1. Lightening up is a very important part of healthy living, so something that helps us laugh is well worth the time, in my opinion.

        In my part of the world (U.S.) many are feeling a strong sense of foreboding so it is even more important than ever to do things that will lift the weight.

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