Why is Twitter Popular?

Why is Twitter so famous?

This question has bothered me ever since I started using Twitter. After looking at it carefully, I found my answer.

For those of you who don’t know about Twitter, Twitter is a microblogging site where people post “tweets”, similar to Facebook statuses but under the character limit of 140 words.

The social network has gained a huge, loyal fan following over the years, it’s become really popular, especially among teenagers.


But why is it so? These are the reasons according me:

140 Character Limit

One of the biggest hands in the success of Twitter is it’s 140 character limit. There’s the environment of more in less, you have to express your feelings in the meager amount of 140 characters.
This makes the service simple to use, open, tweet, done, no hassles.


Twitter has a different approach to connecting to people, it has a “Follow” option.
Unlike Facebook, if someone follows you on Twitter, there isn’t any social pressure of following someone back, it’s become a social rule to friend your acquaintances if they you a request on Facebook, but it isn’t so on Twitter.

The user base

You can find almost every celebrity or famous person on Twitter.
Celebrities post behind-the-scenes, updates etc. etc. on Twitter, why? Who knows? Maybe they like Twitter more, maybe it suits them more, whatever be the reason, they use it, so people use it.

Makes you feel good

All the people who follow you are called your followers, it makes you feel special and famous because you have your own set of “followers”, it raises your self-esteem and who doesn’t love feeling like a celeb?

No parents

Enough said…

Blog and business traffic

Me and every other blogger I know uses Twitter to redirect traffic to their websites, similarly small startups and businesses use Twitter to gain consumer attention. Twitter is a lovely place for people like us to gain attention, the users are really helpful and attentive to bloggers and businesses, and that’s a big plus for us and Twitter.

Breaking News

Over time Twitter has become a remarkable service for receiving news and important info. I’ve seen news to first drop off to Twitter and then newspapers. It’s become so easy to get breaking news on the tips of your fingers, all thanks to Twitter.


Although hashtags are to be found everywhere, they first originated on Twitter, people loved using hashtags and as a result, almost every social network has hashtags.
A study found that tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than the ones without them, so #hashtagit.

And that’s why Twitter is famous, have any other point to add or don’t agree with my thoughts? Drop down to the comments below.

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I’d take this moment to thank my buddy Abhishek Jangid for taking inspiration from my last post, A planet dominated by robots, and writing a blog post about Machines replacing humans, head over there and stay tuned for more coming up.

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