Ease of Difficulty

I bet the title confuses you, Ease of “Difficulty”, what do I mean, Ease = Easy, then Difficulty? How does that connect? Let me explain that to you my curious little rabbit.

A great man named Tullock gave an amazing idea to reduce road accidents: install sharp spikes on the steering wheels of cars pointing at the driver’s heart.

Sure it will increase the difficulty of driving but it will reduce road accidents drastically. If such a mechanism is present in cars then our world will become an accident free world. I’m not trying to say that this idea SHOULD be applied (it’s too dangerous) but I’m merely trying to point out how much difficulty can change the whole perspective of a situation.

We see a lot of people who buy a DSLR and make a photography page with no experience whatsoever. These people think it’s easy to shoot good photos if you got a DSLR, sure, they’re right, you don’t need to be a master of photography to shoot some nice photos with such a huge powered camera BUT what about ” perfection “, they’re nowhere near to perfect, perfect photos aren’t easy, they’re “difficult” but their product is breathtakingly mesmerizing. Ask any “professional” photographer, I repeat “professional” photographer if it’s easy to shoot such beautiful photos. They’ll say “No, it’s difficult”.

We’ve been in such a rush to make things easy to use and ” user friendly ” that we’ve been ignoring perfection. So much had changed since the advent of mobiles, a small kid can figure them out, they’ve become so user friendly and easy to use that anybody can use them.

Technology as a whole has become so user centric that things are a click away. Anything you want to find, Google it. In the earlier days when Google wasn’t present everything was difficult, children would go to libraries and as a result had to read a book some way or the other. But I have to say that Google has changed our lives immensely, it’s become such an easy task to find something you want but that’s a topic for another day.

See, ease of use ain’t that bad, in fact I would prefer easy to use things over complicated gibberish that performs a little better, but user friendliness over perfection. Meh. This tradeoff isn’t a fair one.
Difficulty is not always good (obviously), it’s more like a good curse or a bad blessing, it’s something between good or bad. It’s complicated.

But what we can make out of all this is that perfection is really close, but it’s “difficult”.

Author’s notes: Yo! It’s been a long time since I updated, sorry! Exams have been hanging around my neck, but now they’re over and I’m back! You’ll see much more uploads from now on. I have a lot thought out. 🙂
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