Things That Are Weird

Weirdness. Weirdity. Weirdosauraus.

So, it must be pretty obvious by now that I’m a weirdo.

Being said weirdo and also being a bit of an observational prick, I’ve found some things that I find extremely weird.

And no, this is not a list of all the weird things Japan makes, that shit’s overdone to extinction.

Did you notice an improvement in the quality of the videos? Β I hope you did.

If you really did notice an improvement, then like the video, share it with your weirdos, and subscribe to the channel!

Why hasn’t anybody hired me to make new words already? Can you not see the genius in front of your eyes?

Speaking of words, I wonder who makes new English words. The Queen?

Actually, do any of you know? If you do, then tell me in the comments!

Stay safe and don’t forget to blink! πŸ˜‰


16 thoughts on “Things That Are Weird

  1. The wooden toothpicks I have at home are really old. When I use them they break. I find that really weird. And it is really weird that I continue to use them even though I know they will break. Of course it would be really wasteful to throw them out even if it takes 30 years to use them. Another really weird and wasteful thing is a straw . It has a useful life span of a few minutes. Why don’t we just drink from the cup directly? I think I will be noticing weird things all day! Like my phone’s autocorrect which I’m using to write this comes out with some really weird choices of words!

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