Pet Peeves

Things are annoying. Things are irritating.

Okay, so obviously, you guys might find some things a little annoying and some things you don’t mind.

But there must be some things that are feverishly infuriating to you.

I know I have some.

And I wanna tell you about them!

So here are my top pet peeves:

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Let me tell you a horror story before going.









Tangled Cables.


10 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I relate to your pet peeves very much. Some of mine: People raising their camera phones high at an event thereby completely blocking the view of the people behind them; People who in a dark concert hall who stand up and use their phones to take photos using their flash; People who are in a dark theater and use their large smart phones to check email, thereby lighting up their area and distracting me. Hmmmmm there seems to be a theme here.

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  2. One of my pet peeves is people telling me their pet peeves πŸ˜› LOL Just kidding πŸ˜› But that is definitely one of my bigger pet peeves is people talking, texting or updating their status on Facebook on their phone. Even when it is not a conversation I am having with the person, but doing something with the person or they are holding me up while they deal with the phone. People should finish what they are doing first and then answer or deal with the phone. When did we reach the point that whatever was going on with the phone was the most important thing that everything has to stop for it?

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