Friend vs Follower

Where does the heart lie?

In today’s social media age, the two words, “friend” and “follower” are used a lot.

They’re used as a collective name for people who have connected with you on a social media platform.

The word “friend” is obviously used by Facebook.

The word “follower” is used by other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WordPress etc.

In real life, typically a friend has a more intimate relationship with you than a follower.

In real life, a follower is a person who knows you and likes you, but you don’t necessarily know them.

But with the ascent of Facebook and all the other social media outlets, these words have taken a complete flip, at least for me.

Many of the supposed “friends” I have on Facebook are people I’m only acquainted with.

They’re not necessarily people I like. They’re people I’m forced to call a “friend” because of social pressure. I can’t relate to them. They feel distant.

While on this wonderful website called WordPress, the supposed “followers” I have are people I’ve interacted with not because of any societal pressure, but because I liked them, I liked their thoughts, I liked what they wrote.

I can easily relate to these people. They get their escape through writing and creating. I do too.

Because of the internet and social media, “followers” have become people I feel more comfortable around than my “friends”.

All 200 of you are great people. I love all of you, thanks for making me reach the milestone of 200 followers.

I’m grateful, I’m happy, and I’m a little sad I’m not as much active on WordPress as I used to be.

Real life happens and makes me a busy person.

But things and stuff and confetti always happens, so that’s not something I’m going to worry about.

Thank you. You’re great. I like you.


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