Stupid Things About School

School stupidity and brutal honesty.

Yes, I’m critiquing school. I still have 2 years left in school, but I just can’t control my flaming opinionated mouth.

So yeah, I’m going to speak about it and nobody can stop me, bam.

I made a video about this topic. Why? Because I can. But honestly, it contains some of the things I feel are bad not only about school but about the whole education system.

Something I wanted to talk about separately here, is “extra-curricular activities.”

I’m going to call them EC because the name is too long.

What should be considered real talent, like singing or dancing or drawing or stuff of the sort is now considered as an “EC activity”.

Not only in school, but also out of school, in the open world.

This thing that used to be known as talent at some point, is now just something “extra”, something optional, something without a lot of value.

On the other hand, cramming your book to learn hard boiled facts, is considered talent.

Why is this happening? This is such a saddening thing for our education system as a whole.

Real talent is getting buried beneath test papers, and more test papers, and even more test papers.

I get it. Curriculum is important, academics are important, but they’re not everything.

Unless we want a world where kids don’t have imaginations and adults don’t have lives.

But anyways, tell me what you thought about the video, and maybe subscribe to my channel! That’ll be pretty awesome of you.


9 thoughts on “Stupid Things About School

  1. I like your video a lot. It sounds like the Indian and American educational system have a lot in common…. particular in terms of testing and confining talents to the label of extracurricular activity. Good job……

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    1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I’ve heard from other people that the American education system is similar to the Indian system in terms of testing and extra curricular activities. Such a sad thing, I used to think that the American education system was perfect.

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      1. I imagine there is a lot of variation in the quality of education depending on area of the country, income level, and other factors. I just am aware when we are ranked in the world it seems like our ratings are going down rather than up.


  2. Great video! I loved your idea where you said what if kids started comparing their parents to other parents. You said you’re gonna make a part 2, right? Go for it!

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