What If All Cats Suddenly Died?

What would happen if all the cats in the world died?

Our world loves pets dearly. The most popular pets in the world currently are dogs and cats.

Although there are more households in the world with dogs, there are collectively more cats in households because many cat owners tend to keep more than one cat.

That being said, what would happen if all the cats in the world suddenly died?

Seeing cats lounging around all day, napping and chilling, it might look like they’re totally useless.

You’d think that all cats disappearing would not affect humans except some tears shed by cat lovers. Well, you’re absolutely wrong.

It is popularly thought that cats depend on humans to survive, but actually, they don’t. Domestic cats are primarily fed by humans, but they still are pretty incredible hunters.

Cats can easily survive without humans. They can hunt for prey in times of scarcity of food.

They usually hunt mice. That’s all several years of Tom and Jerry has taught me.

So, if cats suddenly disappeared, then the mice population will definitely rise. In fact, it will rise so much that it will cause us to be in a bit of a fiddle.

Cats hunt mice in granaries, keeping the food safe from these pesky rodents.

So, without cats, the mice will nibble away a lot of our food before it even reaches us!

It’s true that humans feed cats, but without cats, humans would have less food in the first place!

This also means that other predators of mice will rise in number as well.

Owls, Snakes and even Jackals will rise in population.

And of course, cat lovers will cry their hearts out.

And there will be no more viral cat videos on YouTube.

That’s a huge loss.



7 thoughts on “What If All Cats Suddenly Died?

  1. Let us not forget the people who would be unemployed that make all that kitty litter. Veterinarians would lose a large chunk of their income no longer desexing cats. The poor dogs who would have nothing to chase anymore. Youtube membership would go down without viral cat videos to bring people in. Worse of all my local TV station will have to think of something else to show on Saturday nights instead of the trending cat videos on Youtube. It would be a global disaster, partially compensated by the fact that we wouldn’t be waken up in the middle of the night with female cats in heat and males fighting over them.

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