Being Offensive

No offense but…

You know what I’m extremely tired of in India?

People getting offended.

In India, it’s become the job of every citizen to get offended over small things on the Internet and scream and swear about it.

If you’re an Indian, do you agree with what I’m saying? And if you’re not from India, then do you think this stands true for your country?

If so, please watch my video and tell me more on how you feel about this thing.

I hope nobody gets offended by my content.

But a man can only hope.

Talking about a man, I’m super excited for GOT S06! It’s going to be amazing!

Valar Morghulis.


8 thoughts on “Being Offensive

  1. Nice video. Personally I think its not just Indians who get offended easily on the Internet. Pretty much worldwide in my opinion. I know I use to get offended too easily myself. I had tell myself that it really didn’t matter. But it was so tempting to sit here at my keyboard and write about anything that offended me in the slightest.

    I think getting offended easily is just an annoying side effect. I wonder too if it is just because we are more willing to be open on the internet. The same thing that allows us to sit here and talk about the human race being a virus or not. If we meet in person before I started reading your blog would we discuss those things or not?

    I thinking GOT S6 would be amazing also, as long no one makes it like a vegetable that has spoiled.

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    1. Yeah, I think getting offended is something that is widespread. But seeing the many events that have been unfolding in India about such things makes me focus towards India more. Videos have been banned from the internet and people have organised protests against people’s small statements. I think that’s something that is endangering free speech in India. So I had to make a video about it. I too was a person at first who got offended about little things, but slowly I learnt a lesson from the internet about being more chill about these things.
      Yes, it can be thought about that way too. Extensive thought about small things is a factor which makes for great discussions. But I think it should never come to the point where one opinion is forcibly shut down because people don’t like it.
      Totally! I hope nobody spoils it.


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