If you hate spoilers, raise your hand right now!

I bet you did not raise your hand. I’m pretty sure 99% of the people reading this did not raise their hand, even if they despise spoilers.

Can’t blame you, I did not raise my hand either.

If you did raise your hand though, you’re awesome.

So yeah, do you hate spoilers? Because I hate them with a passion. I absolutely despise spoilers.

Do you agree with me? If you do then I’m sure you’ll like my video. And if you love spoilers for some reason, then don’t spoil something for me or I’ll kill you. Don’t worry, I’m kidding. Or am I?

That felt sponsorship-ish. It’s not though. I mean it could be if I sponsored myself, which I would be doing when I got a job.

I just realised that jobs are like sponsorship deals, except you’re sponsoring yourself by working your head off.

Or would it be the company sponsoring you? I mean, they’re paying you the money after all.

Yeah, I guess it would be your company sponsoring you. It would’ve been pretty cool if that analogy worked though.

What was I talking about again?


10 thoughts on “Spoilers!

  1. I have a love hate relationship with spoilers. Yes I hate them because it does kill the suspense when I do watch it. But sometimes the anticipation is so high about watching something that I cannot see that I want to know NOW what is going to happen. That way I can go with my life and quit thinking about how ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 is going to end.

    I love trailers though, they have saved me a lot of money over the years. Besides by the time I get it on a torrent or someone gives it to me, I have forget the trailer and it seems fresh. Maybe one day they will figure out how to do a trailer that builds the suspense up enough that I have to spend the money to go see it right away.

    As far as sponsorship is concerned, it works both ways doesn’t it. WordPress sponsors you by showcasing your thoughts. Meanwhile you sponsor WordPress by looking it good through your thought provoking and awesome posts.

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    1. Yeah, that’s a good point. In that regard, spoilers have saved me some time and money.
      Trailers have saved me a lot of money too. Especially those single trailers which reveal so much that there is no need to watch the movie. Maybe that day will come someday.
      Oh yeah, it could be both ways.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. I really loved that video! Keep making more. I’ll be sure to watch. And since you are posting your own video, I don’t think it is sponsorship. πŸ˜‰

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