The YouTube Life

I just made my own YouTube channel!

YouTube is an amazing platform where people share their thoughts and opinions through videos. I have been an avid watcher of YouTube since I was a kid.

I myself am a person of many opinions, so I made my own YouTube channel where I am going to post videos sharing my opinions and ranting about stuff which can hopefully be comedic.

And they will be presented in the form of animation!

Since it’s back to school time for many Indian school-going students, I wanted to make a video about something related to school.

Since I’ve chosen Arts/Humanitites as my stream for eleventh, I wanted to talk about how Humanities is misrepresented in India.

So behold: The Humanities Phobia

Please like the video if you liked it, and subscribe to my channel! And maybe even share it if you liked the message!

Okay thanks, bye!


4 thoughts on “The YouTube Life

  1. Right on! Really good thoughts. I can relate to this: in college, I started out as a Science major, thinking that it was the best way to the best path for careers and future. And I did believe that Humanities, while more relatable to me, did not yield good success for the future. But it was not for me, as I struggled with biology and physics. Switching to the Humanities was the biggest and best decision of my life. Not only did I excel, but also I was able to get a job right after college- a very important thing to have.

    On the plus side, excellent editing skills on the video! And hurrah to “humanity for Humanities.” That needs to trend right now!

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