The Virus of Earth

What is the virus of Earth?

The other day, I was watching The Matrix (I’m a bit too late, but whatever) and I noticed a special thing in the film.

There’s this scene where a dude talks about how humanity is like a virus to the planet.

That sounded kind of outrageous at first, but when I listened more and thought about it, I couldn’t help but conclude that we’re exactly like a virus!

Before you get on yourย high horse, let me explain.

Let’s start with the basics, what’s a virus? A virus (in science) is a microorganism of sort that feeds of other hosts and multiplies inside the host until it’s consumed it completely. A virus in a computer is also the same thing.

Similarly, humans feed off earth, multiply on earth and consume all of its resources.

I mean, what have we given to earth that doesn’t benefit us humans as a whole?

You could say that environmental activists are “benefitingย earth selflessly”, but isn’t their work more like returning Earth what we have irrationally stolen?

And isn’t their environmental work geared more towards the survival of humans rather than “helping out the planet”?

Because earth was a much greener place when we weren’t around.

Whatever we have brought about: civilization, technology, music, all it does is provide us humans comfort.

Day by day we keep increasing, consuming whatever the planet has in store for us or not for us.

In many science fictions about robots, it is shown that they want to kill all of humanity because they see us as a threat.

And then the superheroes save the day from the “oh so evil robots” and “peace is restored.”

But aren’t we technically the evil ones? We’re destroying nature for creating these robots altogether.

I can’t say for you, but I think that we’re the worst thing to happen to earth.

But you know what I’ve learnt from all this?

Ignorance is bliss. Life’s too short.

I mean come on, we gotta survive. But we still need to put up an effort to pull up earth from the impending crisis of global warming.

It is pretty evident from the rising levels of global warming and all the buzz about our planet getting warmer.

But I’m not here to give you a lecture on global warming. If you want a lecture, go Google it.

I’m just here to share one of my thoughts.

So, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why in the comments below.

Share this post if you liked it and go read a book or something. See how long you last,ย I bet you have a short attention span.


21 thoughts on “The Virus of Earth

  1. Nice! I would like to correct your biological definition of a virus though, being a biology student ( ๐Ÿ˜‚ ) but this was well written!
    My attention span for reading a novel varies anywhere from five minutes to five hours. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. I’m so proud of you. Keep going! And I read like two books everyday so I think it’s okay if I kinda just hang out on your blog since you’re too busy to be with me. But anyway, you’re amazing. And awesome.

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  3. Ha! I never thought about that, but it’s totally true ๐Ÿ™‚ And no lecture on global warming needed — my friends call me the recycling Nazi. I’ve never seen The Matrix but perhaps I’ll add it to my movie list!

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  4. Just some thoughts too…

    When humans were still like animals without all those “technology” we have now, humans were not the earth’s virus. We eat, drink, and sleep like all the earth’s creatures. But when humans started to think that they completely own the planet and not sharing it with the other creatures, that’s when the problem started.

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  5. Sorry I took so long to reply. I just following your advice and read a book or something. I recall that line from the “The Matrix”. If I recall the line was from Agent Smith who by the third movie would be on the verge of consuming the Matrix. I am just going to brainstorm here if you don’t mind.

    On the surface, I would agree that human beings could be considered viruses of the Earth. But everything that lives on the Earth is a virus. Everything that lives consumes from the Earth and produces waste. Regardless of what the living being produces it is still waste. The byproduct of the consumption. Some of those byproducts benefit other living beings for their consumption. But it is all about consumption.

    I don’t think human beings are any worse than any other living being on the Earth when comes to being a virus. Other living beings would consume until there was nothing left if they didn’t have other predators to keep them in check. The difference is that instead of any natural predators to keep ourselves in check, we have our awareness that should be used to do that. But often that is not the case as we our guided by our baser instincts to consume and without the predators we end up with the mess we have now.

    Anyway that is my thoughts for now. I hope my waste in consuming this post was of benefit to you ๐Ÿ˜›

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    1. Yeah, technically every organism on earth can be classified as a virus. But like you said, most of them are kept in check by other predators and so, their impact is not as much.
      Again like you said, since humans are on the top of the food chain they cannot be kept it check by predators, so we have to use our own awareness to keep ourselves in check, and I would say that humans do try to use this awareness correctly, but it’s not used to the extent it’s supposed to be. We should be conserving the resources of earth being the most intelligent species on the planet, but we’re not, that’s why we end up with this mess.
      And according to me, that is why humans beings have a larger impact on the earth when it comes to being a virus.
      Thanks for bringing up the point, your waste definitely broadened my viewpoint on the subject. :p


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