5 More Mind Boggling Paradoxes

Five paradoxes that will melt your brain!

Some time ago, I did a post called “5 Mind Boggling Paradoxes” in which I listed five paradoxes I thought were cool. So I thought, why not share five more? Here are five more mind boggling paradoxes!

By the way, if you do not know what a paradox is, it’s basically a statement which contradicts itself. It defies logic.


1. The Omnipotence Paradox

It’s a common belief that “god”, whichever way you may take him, has omnipotent power, i.e. he has unlimited power.

Since god has unlimited power, he can create a stone so heavy he himself cannot lift it. But, if he can’t lift the stone, how does he have unlimited power? The power to lift the stone is beyond his limit.

To all the atheists: the other four don’t involve god, we’re relevant.


2. The Sorites’ Paradox

Heap of sand

Suppose there’s a heap of sand on the floor. If we remove one grain of sand from the heap, it still remains a heap.

So we keep removing a grain of sand from the heap until there’s only one grain of sand left.

As we said, if we remove a grain of sand from a heap of sand, it still remains a heap. So, accordingly, the single grain of sand is a heap of sand.

Or there’s no such thing as a heap of sand.

3. The Pinocchio Paradox

I’m sure you’ve read the story of Pinocchio, the kid whose nose grows when he tells a lie.

Pinocchio Paradox


If Pinocchio says the statement, “My nose will grow now” whilst it’s not growing, he’ll be lying. If he’s lying, it means that his nose will grow. Which means that his statement was true in the first place. His nose only grows only when he tells a lie, but here it grew when he was telling the truth.


4. The Fletcher Paradox

It’s pretty obvious that for motion to occur, the object must change the position it currently occupies.

Fletcher's Paradox
Source: http://andreasrossevold.blogspot.in/2011/10/zenos-paradoxes.html

Now suppose there’s an arrow flying through the air. At a paused instant of time, the arrow does not change its position because it already occupies the position it is on, and has not yet reached its future position.

Which means an object does not change its position at any instant of time.

Because time is a combination of instants, the object never really moves.

Which means motion is an illusion!


5. The Barber Paradox

Let’s say there’s a town with only one male barber.

All the men in the town either shave themselves, or get shaved by the barber.

Now, how does the barber shave? If he shaves himself, then he should not get shaved by the barber, but he is technically getting shaved by the barber.

And if he gets shaved by the barber, that means he must not shave himself, which is false because he is indeed shaving himself!


Is your brain liquid yet?

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any other paradoxes you’d like to share, please do so through the comments below. If you have a solution for one of the paradoxes, tell me in the comments.

Until the next one, keep reading!


14 thoughts on “5 More Mind Boggling Paradoxes

  1. Ohhh I love these kind of posts! Thanks for refreshing me when I came here after so long. Been busy working on the previous paradoxes you gave 😛

    These new ones are awesome.

    A heap of sand can be technically defined as a group of sand particles. And a group consists of two or more or something. So you are taking sand particles out of the heap until only one particle remains. Sure 2 particles don’t look like a heap – just a technical definition. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! And I was being easy on you … Mathematically things can get weirder… 😀
    Assuming that sand heap is a “group” of sand particles – which it obviously is – then by definition it is a set of sand particles such that two heaps of sand make another heap of sand. Also, being a set, you can safely say that there exists a heap of sand with 0 particles of sand (an empty set)!

    See, told you things get weirder!! 😛



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