Writer Power

Writers wield a lot of power.

Writers stitch thoughts together to form the fabric of story. Writers are storytellers.

And that’s quite underestimated at times.

Many times, actually.

The world has a lot of storytellers. They’re everywhere. So many dying to narrate their perfect story to their perfect audience.

These storytellers have a powerful influence on what we know about ourselves and everyone else.

Writers are literary historians.

All the literature we have is pure history. Writers write history, literally and figuratively.

So much of what we know is through books.

We aren’t all archaeologists, we know about history through books. Books that were written by writers.

Writers can change what we know about our past, just by changing their literature.

Not only History, literature also reflects society. Literature of a time reflects the society of the time.

We don’t usually acknowledge the various forms in which writers are present around us.

Musicians or more accurately lyricists, are writers.

People who write manuals are writers.

Those who write biographies are writers.

Screenplay writers, movie writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, journalists.

They’re all from the same band.

They’re all writers.

With so many forms of writers present in our society, we can easily see how much writers influence our society.

Writers hold a lot of power to our literature, history and science.

Most of what we common people know about the old times and about how the universe works is through writing.

Books, novels, biographies, autobiographies, diaries and journals, all are windows to different times, to different societies, different opinions and different mindsets.

What these writers write about a time is taken as reference and is used to shape what we know about a specific time.

Through their works, writers can manipulate what we know about ourselves through the times.

This a huge power, yet writers are still underestimated in our society, especially in Indian society.

So many potential writers never actually get to writing professionally because they’re brought down by pressure from society, parents, peers etc.

Anyone who wants to become a professional writer cannot go through a specified course and be rewarded a degree and a placement in a company.

Those who want to go into the field of writing are advised by others to keep writing as a “hobby” and go for some other job.

Most writers who take writing as a hobby with their 9 to 5 job go on in life doing something they do not like.

This is not good.

So much writing talent is wasted because of societal pressure. Those who could go on to become the Shakespeares of our times are instead stuck in their offices with unsatisfying jobs.

People may say, “There are not many jobs as professional writers.” To which I say, “False nyth.”

Authoring, blogging, screenplay writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, technical writing, journalism, web journalism, editing, proofreading, eBook writing, social media writing, business writing, article writing, the jobs are endless. Find more types of jobs here, with explanation.

With the ascent of the internet, the jobs are going to increase even more. Many new types of jobs we didn’t even know about some years ago are developing substantially now.

With so many Internet users, there’s bound to be many more Internet based companies developing. These companies are going to need some or the other form of writers. Abracadabra, more jobs.

I can go on taking about how great writers are, how they have a lot of power in our society, and how they’re everywhere. But, until people realize this, it’s all a waste.

Ignorance towards writers is present everywhere in our societies. It’s until we break these myths and false judgements will it change.

To be honest, I don’t know how we’re supposed to do that, but I have faith in the writing community, and faith in our societies that it will change.

The best I assume we can do now, is help fellow writers. I’m all for it.

I don’t think anybody will ask, but still, if you have any problems as a writer, and want to talk about it and maybe brainstorm, we can talk. Contact me here.

Until the next one, keep reading, and have fun!

So, what do you think? Are writers really underestimated in our society or am I too paranoid? Tell me through the comments below. If you feel with me on the topic, then share it, it makes me happy!


9 thoughts on “Writer Power

    1. A colleague of mine who loves to read classical French poetry coughed up a lung when I told her I was in our favourite cafe to write… poetry. She was like, “How bizarre!” I did not protest. Just sipped my cocoa with extra cream on top. So, I appreciate your comment for that reason. Write on, Danica. xo

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