Goodbye 2015!

What was the good? What was the bad? What did the year offer?

2015 is going away. We’ve all been living our lives the whole year like we do every year and I’ve got to say, the year has been eventful.

I’m pretty sure that your year, however boring you think it may be, has also been quite eventful and even productive.

We’ve all seen a lot of stuff come and go from our lives. Thinking about the old stuff makes me nostalgic while at the same time the new stuff boosts my spirits.

A lot of us get extremely sad about the bad that’s been happening in our world. And to be honest, we have a lot to be sad about too. The Paris Attacks, The Nepal Earthquake and so much more has happened this year.

Terrorism has reached new levels with The Paris Attacks as an example again. We are choking Earth with the enormous overpopulation problem we can’t seem to solve.

There’s a huge amount of sadness floating around.


There’s a lot to be happy about too.

Like A LOT.

  1. LGBTQ community got equal marriage rights in the US: This was a huge step towards promoting sexual equality. Also, now that the US has taken this step, it could prove as a starting step for promoting equal LGBTQ rights worldwide.
  2. We got a glimpse of Pluto: The New Horizons space probe flew past Pluto on July 15, sending images of Pluto that we’ve never seen before. It was humanity’s first close up of the planet, and it gave us a lot of new info about the rather unknown planet. But wait, the probe is still moving, so there’s still a lot of stuff we can (and hopefully will) explore after Pluto.
  3. The world came together… again and again: Although there were a lot of tragedies that happened in the year, people all around the world came together to support the victims every time. It just goes to show how technology has connected the whole world together as one.
  4. Nuclear Energy is turning out to be working, so we probably have a better chance of developing a greener and cleaner fuel for the future times.

A lot of more good stuff has happened which you can check out from these sources:

This video by EIC addresses even more good stuff that happened relating to India. (I wish I would get free pizza like Harman Singh, but I’m not as awesome as him, so I don’t stand a chance.)

This video by vlogbrothers is about the awesome stuff we’ve achieved in the last 25 years. The world sucks less guys!

And if you still feel that the year has not been as good, here’s a calendar outlining the good things that happened every day of the year.

So I hope that you now feel good about the year gone, and look forward to the year coming.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! Have a good one!

Happy about the good stuff that happened? Spread the happiness by sharing the post and commenting down below what you liked and did not like about the year.


22 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015!

  1. This is so true. I have to say I’m very happy for the LGBTQ community. They deserve equal rights and opportunities. They’re people too! I have a transgender daughter and she and my other one are recovering addicts. So things do look better for this year. Hopefully they’ll stay where they are, and not use. You’re right, we need to concentrate on the good things. thanks for this! I really loved reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I’m very happy for them too! Finally, people are opening up their minds and not being idiots.
      I hope they recover quickly! I wish them luck.
      I’m glad you liked it, thanks for reading!


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