Let’s Chill.

Hop in, let’s chill out.

We’re living our lives in a hurry. We’re running from here to there and there to here frantically, looking for meaning, money, whatnot.

We work and work to achieve this goal, then jump to the next, then next and go on like this all our lives.

We’re living life in the fast lane. We have no stop signs and no brakes. We keep fueling our body and scurry on.

We never look back, we don’t like to. We do what we have to to survive. It’s survival of the fittest.

But let’s just wait for a second. The red lights are on, let’s stop our cars.

Why do we worry, hurry, and scurry so much? Why do we never stop and look at what we have, look at our bad times, look at our good times, look at what we’ve done as humans.

They teach in school that it’s bad to waste time, and that still stands by, but we’ve misunderstood it’s actual meaning.

We shouldn’t be wasting our time sitting around thinking crap about other people, rethinking the day’s gossips or judging somebody.

But we’ve made a conception that we shouldn’t be sitting around thinking at all.

We need to sit around, think about ourselves, think about all the good, all the bad, all that we need to and want to do with our lives.

We need to talk to everybody who means something to us, give them our love and hug them out if that’s possible.

Let’s put on our earphones/headphones, jam on to our favorite song, look back and look forward, and let’s chill.

Let’s give time to ourselves, and to the ones we love.

Let’s just do that, before this becomes too cheesy.

So hop in, let’s chill out.

The reason I’m being so overly positive and cheesy is because it’s my birthday. Or whatever’s left of it. For the record, my birthday is on the 2nd of December.

I don’t know if you’re seeing this post on the date, or after the date, but whatever it is, it’s mine.


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