An Open Question For You

Calling everybody out! Answer this question.

We say we know a lot, we say science has evolved so much that we know everything.

But do we?

Over the years, we’ve discovered things as small as atoms and as large as planets.

We have reached the moon and make plans of colonizing Mars.

Yet all this time, we’ve ignored a simple question that makes up the whole galaxy and even the whole universe.

We know that atoms make up everything in our universe, all the stuff we have is made up of atoms.

But, where did the atom come from?

I mean something must’ve created the first atom, right?

It’s not like atoms just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Some may argue that the Big Bang was the start of it all, but then, what made the particle that caused the Big Bang? Where did that come from?

How did the universe come into existence? How did the billions and billions of galaxies came into being?

Is it safe to say that there was some supernatural power which caused all this to happen?

Is the concept of god true?

Anybody who believes in anything, tell me what you think. It might be that your theory could be the answer to the whole universe.

This question is not originally mine, one of my friends asked me and I was left flabbergasted because I couldn’t answer.

He asked me to put it on my blog and see what people came up with. So here you go. Here’s your question, if you’re reading this.

Comment down below your theories and until the next one, keep reading!


17 thoughts on “An Open Question For You

  1. Wait, you are saying you never thought of this? At some point every body comes to the point of questioning the whole existence of everything around us.

    So, supernatural power seems like a safe bet, but who created a supernatural power? Who was responsible for that? These questions never end.

    But what one can safely say is that there could have two possibilites. That nothing existed and it was a whole blank empty space with nothing in it, or there is a universe. And it is made up of dust. And dust is atoms, atoms are the name which WE gave them. Over time and the big bang theory, some things fell into place, over a course of billion years. And here you are #AskingForAFriend. Is there is a definitive theory, no as of now!

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    1. Actually I did thought of it, but it never occurred to me that I could put that question up on my blog.
      Exactly, they’ll never end. Who created this, who created that?
      I know, I’m just looking for different theories to broaden my intellect of space. The billions of years which took to create earth must’ve been times of drastic change.


  2. If the existence for anything requires that someone has created it, then who created God in the first place? People who believe in God cannot answer this and say either that “God as always existed” or “God lives outside of space and time continuum”. But by the same logic, why can’t the atom have always existed. Surely God is much more complex than an atom to believe in.

    We don’t know what happened before the big bang, and scientists say that all there was was a singularity, a hot and dense particle that exploded to form the atoms and molecules. It’s just a theory though, as is God is, just a theory. But people choose God because it’s much more comforting to know that there is somebody up there. In the end it’s up to you what you want to believe in. Sorry for turning this into a religious rant, but I’m a staunch atheist and never pass up an opportunity πŸ˜›

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    1. Wow, I never thought of it this way! Yes, we like to think that there is someone above us all who takes care of us even after we die, we like to think that everything is in control.
      Actually I’m an atheist too, and after your answer, I have something to present to people who take the question and stamp up god on it. πŸ˜€

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      1. Some people find it unfathomable to believe that there is no afterlife. That life on Earth is all we have. But we still like to ask ‘What happens when I die?’ because that’s an interesting question.

        God is usually the most lazy answer to any question. It means that you have given up on finding the truth, and are willing to trust someone blindly. Some people call it ‘faith’, I call it ‘bullshit’.

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      2. Exactly, we ignore the logic and consider afterlife because it’s interesting to think that we’ll still live after our life on earth.
        Yes, we put the label of god on anything we don’t understand. We need to trust logic and fair thinking more than bullshit.

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  3. I think we think we know so much, but there is soooooo much we don’t know. I mean we don’t even really know how things work in our own bodies.

    I guess in my mind trying to figure out such big things would be like a cell in our bodies trying to figure out it was part of a lung which was helping a human breathe. Just the concept would be totally impossible to understand for a little cell. I like to imagine religions for myself (generally involving elves and magic rocks), but I never actually believe the possibility of “knowing” things so big- I’m just a little cell in a very very big and confusing world.

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  4. Think it’s more like the which came first the chicken or the egg question. Although it was proved that the egg came first because there were egg laying species existing even before the chicken, so it’s a round and round we go. Maybe that’s why we have amounts of sanity and insanity, so we could keep our heads yet not get too much into details.
    Where as concept of God, for me God’s existence is more of a feeling than a physical presence, so it’ll be true if you can let yourself feel. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. Sorry for the late reply, the comment did not show up in WordPress for some reason.
      Yeah, the question is quite paradoxical, we can go round and round on the answer and still reach the start back again.
      I keep myself open to feelings.
      Maybe I do feel God’s presence someday, or maybe I don’t.

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  5. In order to answer your question then I have to understand something. Do you believe that everything that exists has to be created by something else? If that is the case can you prove that to be true?

    Could it be the case that something existed that wasn’t created? From this everything we know was created. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a God or even an intelligence of any kind that existed without being created.

    Regardless if you believe that everything that exists was created, then at some point you will reach something that you cannot explain how it was created because you cannot fathom how it was created. For the simple reason that is beyond your ability to comprehend what that something or process was that created it. That something would seem to exist without being created.

    It doesn’t necessarily invalidate the argument that everything that exists has to be created. It just shows the limits of the mind to understand its environment. So maybe that is what God is after all. A reflection of our mind’s inability to explain how something was created.

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    1. I don’t believe in God to be honest. I do believe however, that there was something that was before we were, which created everything. Maybe an atom or something which is beyond our comprehension.
      I guess so, at some point nobody could explain what was the start of it all.
      I like this explanation. God represents something beyond our comprehension.


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