Why WordPress, Why!?

This is getting irritating!

Okay WordPress, I love how you provide an awesome platform for blogging with great themes, phenomenal support and even a mobile app.

The mobile app is extremely helpful. I can blog while on the go and read other blog posts when I’m sitting idle with my phone.

It has some pretty cool features too, but the thing is, it’s doing one insanely irritating thing.

There’s a thing about bloggers and writers in general, they sit with their writing devices, and bleed.

We writers write continuously in a flow, we let our heads melt away in our keyboards and pens.

The next most irritating thing about writing after writer’s block is losing what you wrote because of some weird technicalities and having to write it all over again.

That’s what’s happening with me.

I’m a fifteen year old guy who writes most of his blogs from his phone. This fifteen year old guy also happens to not have a data plan and is mostly writing while on his way to tuition.

The result is that I’ve to constantly save local drafts, which I either publish or save as a draft on the server when I reach home and connect my phone to the WiFi.

The local drafts save automatically whenever I pressed the back button while writing a post.

But they’re not saving now.


I’ve already written a full 1200 word post two times, and both of the times when I tried to save it as a local draft, all that I wrote vanished in thin air.

At first I thought that it was some kind of bug, but then I understood that this had actually become a thing.

Now I’ve just lost faith in the post. I know I might sound like a crybaby, but I swear, write a 1200 word post and then delete it all and write the same thing again, then delete it all again and try to write the same thing all over again.

Writing even this post was difficult because a huge chunk of this post also vanished because of my saving habit.

And I had to write it again.

WordPress, I want you to fix the local draft problem.


The post I was writing was the second instalment of the #BGTB post.

Now that the time to write it has run out, I don’t know what I should do.

I guess I’ll publish the post later as a Non-BGTB post. I hope it’s okay by everybody. Sorry.

I guess that’s it for this post. Have you ever experienced the problem I’m facing right now? How did you solve it? What other problems have you faced in WordPress? Tell me all about it and more in the comments section below.

Till the next one, keep reading!


40 thoughts on “Why WordPress, Why!?

  1. I can understand why you are so frustrated. I don’t use the phone app so I don’t have that problem. A smaller version of it is when you are writing something and go to edit it and a whole section or at least some sentences disappear. Or when you write a lot and forget to save it. I write the initial drafts on WORD and then save it every few minutes once I move it from a WORD document to the word press site. That has helped.

    But as I said, I haven’t experienced what you are experiencing. If I did my BP would be going through the roof!

    BTW, when I click on the title of this post from my email notification, it goes to a “404 page not found” notice. Luckily under that error message were a list of your most recent posts so I was able to find this that way.

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    1. I think I’ll be doing the same thing now for precaution, I’ll first write everything in Evernote and then paste it all down to WordPress.
      I knew something was wrong! I think the post is also not showing up in the reader, one of my friends told me. I tried to fix the problem a lot, it happens every time I publish from mobile, but it just doesn’t work. My list of irritating things WordPress does is just growing everyday.
      Thank you for telling me though, I’ll post something up in the forums.

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      1. I helped a new blogger post a Weekly Photo Challenge post today. We can’t get it to show up in the reader either. It was done on a laptop. I wonder if WordPress is having trouble today. Very strange.

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  2. I’ve lost stuff myself
    Or cluck the wrong button at the wrong time
    It’s always an accident waiting to happen
    That’s way it’s good to write it down first
    Patience my friend
    Be still in the moment
    Breathe in the air

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  3. Yeah man this kind of things happens to everybody now or then but I recommended you to get a data plan also, necessarily the best one but a small 2G cheap plan can help in crisis. I think you should post from Desktop and write stuff down in a notebook. You also should report the problem on the Play Store,

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  4. WordPress stores the drafts in the server, so if you have technical difficulties or not good enough internet connection, you are bound to lose.
    So, it would be advisable to store your thoughts locally on the phone (phone memory). There are a lot of apps, I personally use Evernote. You will never loose the data ever, even if you are in the middle of something and suddenly the battery dies out.

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    1. I don’t save the draft online, I save a local draft on WordPress, which does not require an internet connection and worked like a breeze before.
      But now it only saves the local draft once, then if I try to save again, the stuff I wrote vanishes for some reason.
      I am using Evernote now after the incident, but thanks anyways!


  5. This only happened to me once. It was so annoying and it lasted for a whole day! I saw there was an update for the app and updated it. Make sure you update the app.

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