An Intro To Blogging #BGTB

What is blogging exactly?

If you’ve been looking to make a blog for yourself, then this post is the one for you.

And all my blogger friends, you might want to read this too. There’s stuff you might or might not know.

If you follow ateenagediaryonline, you might know that she is hosting “Beginners Guide To Blogging” or #BGTB, and will be giving us new topics to write on every week. This week’s topic is “Intro To Blogging”.

So, let’s just get into it!

What is Blogging?

Blogging is basically writing your thoughts out on an online platform called blog. Blog is the short form of weblog, but nobody uses the word “weblog” anyways.

Every blog has its own specific url through which readers can reach your blog and read it. For example, my url is, you can open my blog by typing this url in your browser or clicking on any link containing this url.

Why Should I Blog?

If you’re constantly doing new stuff and feel like you want to share them with the world, then you should blog.

If you feel you’re passionate about some topic and want to share your thoughts about it to people, then you should blog.

If you have a product you would like to be marketed, you should start a blog.

If you want to improve your writing skills and meet awesome new people, you should be blogging.

There’s endless reasons to blog, blogging is a diverse art, many do it and do it for reasons of their own.

But there’s no need for a huge reason to blog. Blog because you want to, blog because you like it.

Blogging Platforms

Now if you want to blog, you can’t just type “blog” in Google and suddenly a magical blog appears.

First of all, there’s two ways to start a blog.

The free way and the paid way.

For newbie bloggers, I recommend the free way, but you can take any of them.

But you should know some basics about websites before you understand the different ways.

The Basics

Domain Name: The domain name of your blog is its url. For example, my domain name is, Facebook’s domain name is

Custom Domain: A Custom Domain is the kind of domain which doesn’t need a suffix in the end, like Facebook’s domain is, while mine is I have to use the suffix “WordPress” because I’ve made my website on a blogging platform called WordPress and I don’t have a custom domain while Facebook has a custom domain, that’s why it has without any extra suffixes.

Host: There’s a simple rule on the Internet, every website runs on a computer, this computer is called a server or the host. Now hosting a website is not an easy task, all the viewers put pressure on the host computer, all the technical aspects of the website are handled by the website.

The Free Way

First let me explain the free way, because who doesn’t love free stuff!?

If you want to make a blog for yourself without investing any money at all, then you’ll have to use a blogging platform for blogging.

Blogging platforms are much like Facebook (why does every example of mine involve Facebook?), you make an account, you customize it, and you get going.

I’m giving the example of WordPress, the blogging platform I use.

In WordPress, you first create an account. It then asks you what domain name you want, once you enter your desired domain name and get the usual stuff done, you’re ready with a standard blog.

But I suggest that you explore WordPress a little.

Wander around in the themes section and get a good-looking theme that suits your blog.

Modify your tagline and give your blog a personality.

Try out different types of posts and experiment a little.

It’s mostly the same in other blogging platforms like

Some blogging platforms for you to try are:
1. WordPress
2. Blogger
3. Medium
4. Tumblr
5. Weebly

But the catch in the free way is that you have to be satisfied with a suffix added to your website url.

You also don’t have compete control over your website. Although you do have a lot of control, but there’s still some limitations.

The Paid Way

The paid way, as its name suggests, requires you to pay money.

As I highlighted above, hosting a website and providing a domain name for it is not an easy task. It requires the host to pay money.

Blogging platforms take up these charges for you for free. That’s why there’s some catches in the system which makes sure they don’t go bankrupt running your website.

But in the paid way, you buy a custom domain yourself, buy hosting yourself.

Paying for these means you have total control over your website.

And it’s not that expensive anyways, the best place for buying a custom domain and hosting is iPage, according to me.

Some other places are GoDaddy, Hostgator etc.

If you want a detailed description of the paid way, how it works, why it’s better and what you need to consider before getting it, request it in the comments and I’ll make another post about it.

So, what do you think, are you taking the free way or the paid way? If you’re a blogger, then will you ever take the paid way? Tell me all your thoughts and questions, in the comments below.

Till the next one, keep reading!


9 thoughts on “An Intro To Blogging #BGTB

  1. Useful information! While I have been an established blogger on WP for a while now, I am always looking for more tips on how to keep going and expanding my platform. Other than that, I enjoy sharing myself through the writing medium. Thanks for writing this!

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  2. Wow this is so informative. A really good post that has so much detail! I would love to see a post on the paid way because it has been something I am thinking more of! Well done on the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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