13 Things Technology Is Replacing Quickly

The Internet is vast, and the things it can do for us is increasing day by day. It’s frightening and amazing at the same time to see so many things which can now be done digitally, thanks to the Internet.

The Internet has achieved huge feats for us, which couldn’t have been possible without it.

As much as it has brought “newer elements” into the world, it has also replaced the “older elements”, or at the least, provided a different way to experience them.

It’s The Conventional Way or the Digital Way.

Technology is changing the way we do any task, and it’s happening fast.

Here are 13 things technology is quickly replacing:

1. Books

E-Books are gaining popularity quickly. They are becoming the changing face of books.


With the accessibility of a whole library in a thin slate, E-Books and their E-Readers are set to replace the conventional way to read.

More in less is becoming the motto of this generation, and E-Books are doing just that.

Although it’s mostly a mixed situation, many people own both books and Kindle, the digital way to reading is surely evolving.

2. Wristwatches

Take a look at the wrist of today’s teenagers and you’re bound to see less wristwatches around. Who needs wristwatches when you can check the time in your flashy little phones anyways?

Wristwatches have become more of a style statement rather than a way to check the time, all thanks to Technology.

And let’s not forget wearables, Android 360, Apple Watch etc. are becoming another new phenomenon you can wrap around your wrists.

Apple Watch

With more functionality than wristwatches, they are attractive, but their price is still a major turn-off to people who don’t have as much money to spend on expensive technology.

3. Newspapers


Bye bye, newspapers! Hello, News apps!

4. Booking Tickets For a Movie

Waiting in lines to buy tickets for movies is not a problem any more.

Apps like BookMyShow are the digital way to break the lines and buy tickets from your homes.

5. Shopping 

Want to buy stuff for the house? Need to get the awesome new Call of Duty game? Want an awesome hoodie for the winters?

But don’t feel like leaving the house to buy all the stuff?

Sit in your Pyjamas inside the warm comforts of your house, and buy it all through online shopping apps like Amazon!

6. TV

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Although more established in the Western Countries, TV streaming services like Netflix are becoming a foolproof way to watch your favourite TV shows anywhere, anytime, without all the hassles and problems of a television.

7. Letters


Nobody writes letters! Email and texting have definitely become the easier way around to talk to loved ones faraway.

8. Classrooms

Online Learning is the new way to knowledge. You don’t need to sit around in a classroom to learn, you can learn from the world’s finest experts, separated by distance, united by technology.


Online Learning has not completely replaced physical classrooms yet, but it’s a field which is rapidly evolving, and might become big in the upcoming years.

9. Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clock

These boxes of productivity are getting replaced by Smartphone alarms. What was once a necessity to every student and busy man, is now nowhere to be seen, unfortunately.

10. Music DVDs

Music streaming apps are becoming more and more popular than ever. Using music DVDs is becoming a thing of the past.

11. Drinking and Driving

More like “texting and driving”.

12. Physical Maps and Asking For Directions

GPS and Online Maps

Online Maps and GPS are making sure we’re never lost again, and even if we are, it’s with a map.

13. Memos and To-Do Lists

Another thing treasured by productive people, smartphone memos have made these extinct.

Last Words

So much is being replaced by technology everyday, it’s amazing and frightening at the same time to see things that we once used now being replaced by digital alternatives.

It’s both good and bad, we are advancing, and at the same time, leaving treasured memories behind.

The world is changing everyday, and who knows what it’ll bring next.

So, what do you think, is the “digital way” empowering us, or transforming us into digital monsters? Whatever your thoughts, let me know through the comments section below!


38 thoughts on “13 Things Technology Is Replacing Quickly

      1. I’ve had one for many years, although I haven’t used it all of that time. The one with the clock is new for me. I got tired of wearing a watch and a fitbit. I like it although I get annoyed at always having to push a button to see the time when I’m used to just looking at my wrist.

        But I enjoy tracking my steps and occasionally get into comparing how I believe I’ve slept during the night with how they measure my sleep.

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  1. So we just got back from holidays and we actually bought a map to get around because the last time we used a gps it took us on the scenic route and that was a bit of a pain. I prefer book than an ebook. I own an ebook and I would perfer the real thing. I dont normally buy things onlne unless it is something I cant get in my town. The last thing I got was an electric guitar and that was over a year ago! Good post and it was sort of an eye opener!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,
    I found you through the Sunday Wrap. I enjoy exploring this topic and am old enough to recall a time before personal computers and the internet. I really liked your article and it is all scary and exhilarating at the same time. What people sometimes forget about techno-dependency is what happens when you lose power or the machines break or malfunction. Give me an actual book or newspaper any day. But I’ll keep my email and laptop!

    Gotta go, my Sunday paper just arrived ( not kidding!)

    peace, litebeing

    Liked by 1 person

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