Another “Medium”

I have quite a lot of things to tell you guys.

This post is a little different from the other posts. I’m actually updating you with some things that have been happening in my life which have caused a lot of inactivity on this blog, and some other news, so let’s get started.

A Big Sorry!

First of all, I’m so sorry I’m not able to read many of you guys’ blog posts and don’t respond to any awards given to me by my lovely fellow bloggers.

But I have my reasons for that, exams are coming close, and my coaching’s on full blow. Less time, more work.

24 hours are too less.

And it’s not only about reading, if you might’ve noticed, I didn’t upload anything last Saturday, which is quite contradictory to what I generally do.

I’ve less time to write and am getting busier day by day.

But I still try to read and write as much as I can.

None of this can demoralize me though. I’ve been thinking of new ways to upload at least once a week. Maybe that will mean shorter posts, or lesser beforehand editing or something else.

One of the ideas which I have in mind are: guest posts.

From now on, I’m welcoming guest posts on my blog, there’s no specific genre, if it feels right, I’ll approve it.

If you want to do a guest post, contact me through the Contact form on my blog. I’ll send you an email, and you can drop your guest post there. Simple.

Even if you don’t want to do any guest posts but only chat or suggest me some topics, contact me through the form and my email will come running to you.

A new theme and looking for a logo!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve changed my theme into a much better looking one, called Editor.

I changed into this theme because I love the typography (fonts etc.) and overall design of this theme over the previous one.

I’m also thinking that about putting up more professional-looking featured images for my blog posts from now on, but I’m a little reluctant as they’ll consume more time to make.

But here’s one for the image’s sake:

The Perfection of Fiction

What do you guys think, should I, should I not?

I’m also looking for a logo for my blog, I’m tired of this digital avatar which doesn’t even resemble me properly.

I know those sites which make a logo in 5 minutes, but their results are crap, and their logos are the same, crap.

I want a good looking, flat design, ungimmicky logo, but I don’t know if somebody would make it for me free of cost.

But if you’re a person generous enough to do that, you’re most welcome to, contact me through the form or even through the comments section below, you’re a blessing to the world.


I read amazing articles by amazing writers on an amazing site called Medium. Did I mention that it’s amazing?

Medium is quite like WordPress, users write, users read, and users interact.

I’ve been trying to expand my reader reach, and so, on a rainy day, this fine idea struck me: I should write on Medium too!

And so I did, or more accurately, copy pasted my last post there.

I don’t know what to do with the account now, but I think I’ll post the articles above a 1000 words out there too, along WordPress, just because I can.

If you’re on Medium, please follow my account, and if you aren’t, I highly recommend you to join it, the writers and their articles are amazing, if you didn’t already know that.

That’s all for this post, if you have an answer to any of my questions (which I don’t remember), please answer through the comments below, and tell me, what’s up with you? It’s been long since we’ve chatted.


27 thoughts on “Another “Medium”

    1. Yes, it’s quite similar to WordPress. The articles and writers there are just phenomenal, many famous companies like Facebook also blog there, so, it’s quite cool.
      I’m glad you like it! It took an hour to tweak but was worth it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I had difficulties with my logo back then because I am never good at Photoshop, but somehow I found a way to edit and set up my current logo which I think is pretty great. I suggest you explore how to make your own logo one step at a time. and when you see the finished product it’ll be your pride 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can also use Photoshop, but I don’t know how to design a logo in it, and even if I use it, the file will be of bitmap, so it’ll lose quality if I use if I use it in the blavatar. I’ll have to make sure that it is a vector file, so that it does not lose quality even if I scale it to whatever length, which I don’t know how to make. But I think I’ll be taking tutorials to learn all that stuff, if you have any recommendations, please suggest!


  2. I love Medium! Have you read any of John Green’s posts? I don’t really read YA so i hadn’t read a lot of his books, but seeing his articles, I’m questioning that decision…
    Also, yes the Fiction idea sounds great, and I love how the blog looks

    Liked by 1 person

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