Your awesomeness knows no bounds!

Disclaimer: Cheesy alert! This post is going to be extremely cheesy, so the people who have a thing against itΒ might want to stay away.

Okay, so this happened.

I passed a 100 followers!

I’m so happy, excited and amazed to know that more than a hundred people are interested in reading what I write, it’s an honour that so many people acknowledge my blog and care enough to read it.

And in midst of my happiness and excitement, I want to address every one of those 105 people and also those who are readingΒ this right now.

You’re a wonder! You’re amazing!

Every view, every like and every comment of yours is a big support to me and the blog.

Sometimes I feel unusually lucky to have got this far, to be extremely frank:

  1. I don’tΒ offer daily content, I post once a week.
  2. I often break my “once a week” schedule.
  3. I’m not-so-active.
  4. My content is 700-1000 words long, which takes a long time to read through.
  5. I’m not any famous blogger who has a lot of fans and I’m also no professional.

Yet you have enough patience to read, like and comment.

Many blogs tackle spam everyday. I’ve never received any spam throughout my whole journey on WordPress.

You’re a blessing. You are a true reader and I love you from every inch of my heart.

When I started this blog, I never knew anybody would read my thoughts, let alone care about them.

And look where we are now.

I’m at a loss of words.

Thank you so much for being with me through my small journey to a 100 followers, you’re the best!

World Domination here we come!


65 thoughts on “100 Followers!

  1. Just wanted to say congrats before I leave for a weekend of tent poles and marshmallows over campfires! Your blog is awesome :)….but you know that!

    Liked by 2 people

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