What If: The Internet Never Existed?

What if the Internet never existed? How would our world be?

The Internet, it runs everything.

It is huge. In our digital world, the Internet is big.

From reading to writing to listening to music, everything I do works off the Internet.

It’s astonishing! Like food, water and shelter, the Internet has become necessary.

What was once a bare idea is now a human necessity.

If the Internet didn’t exist, our world would be quite different.

1. First of all, you would not be reading this right now. This blog is a tiny part of the Internet, if we never had the Internet, you might not be staring at your phone or computer reading a combination of letters.

2. We would not have this huge community of bloggers, writers, designers, photographers and great people together on one platform,


3. Instant communication would only be face to face, no instant online messaging.


4. Online music streaming, not a chance!

5. Emails could not be sent, if we were to substitute letters for every email sent till date, all the stamps required would cost millions of dollars.


6. Amazon would only be the name of a large river.

Man 1: “Did you see the new Amazon sale?”
Man 2: “They’re selling the river?!”

7. Doing school projects or gaining information would not be a click away, but hundreds of books away.

There's my 5 page project!
There’s my 5 page project!

8. All your favorite online companies would not exist, Google, Facebook, Twitter, EBay, Netflix, they would just be names.

9. All the jobs related to the Internet, programmers, web designers, bloggers, social media analysts, network engineers and millions of other people would be unemployed.

10. Revolutions and viral trends would never start, Gangnam Style, The dress (white and gold) etc. would not be a thing of our concerns.

11. Books would flourish.

Everyone would have such a library.

12. The people with Televisions would be “cool”.

13. Advertising would only be physical, not online.

14. Technological advancements would be slow.

15. Smartphones would just be touchscreen gimmicks of normal phones.

16. Video calling across the globe would not be possible.

17. No spending hours on Facebook/Instagram liking your friends’ selfies.

18. Not doing the same thing yourself.

19. Online learning through Udemy, Khan Academy etc. could not be possible.

20. People would play outdoors instead of playing Call of Duty Online.


21. No #hashtags.


22. Expressing your opinions would not have been this easy.


23. Also, no trolls.

And so much more would not have been possible without the Internet, before the Internet existed, the world was huge, and now, it’s just a global village.

But our ancestors survived without it.

Even though they lived through a world without the Internet, they still lived their lives happily enough, sure, everything was more tedious but it wasΒ still functional.

But those times were different.

Now, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet.

And more than a billion Internet users.

Population has increased tremendously over the years.

And so has the need for employment and technological advancements.

If the Internet never existed, so many people would be unemployed and technology would be lagging way behind to suffice our needs.

It’s like we humans have became Zombies, we crave entertainment, and the Internet, it provided us with that.

And that’s not the Internet’s fault.

And neither is it ours.

Times have changed, and they will keep changing, we need the Internet, and we can’t do anything about it.

We need the Internet. And we can’t deny it.

Yes, the Internet has its own fair share of problems.

But all that its done for us is far more compared to that.

And even though it’s the reason we’ve gone fat and lazy, it’s also the reason we have advanced so much.

If the Internet never existed, the world would definitely not be a better place.

So, what’s your opinion? Do you think the world would be a better place without the Internet or not? Whatever you think, let me know through the comments section below!

Also, if you’ve noticed, the title starts with “What if”, this question has a lot of potential, that’s why I’ve started it as a new series on my blog, what do you think? Should I continue this series or not? Are there any topics you would like to suggest me to write next? Whatever you feel, enlighten me through the comments section below!

95 thoughts on “What If: The Internet Never Existed?

  1. And Gaurav, that was a nice one. Good job!
    I myself have a sort of love hate relationship with the Internet. Sometimes when I’m walking on the road, or when I’m at this beautiful scenic place, and I see people so engrossed with their phones and taking selfies and putting instant snapchat stories and all that, I feel enraged. Like why can’t you just enjoy the scenery dammit? The selfie becomes more important than the scenery! But other times I wonder how on earth we’ll ever get by without the Internet? It’s an essential evil I suppose πŸ™‚

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  2. Internet is good because it is providing us with knowledge and allowing us to share ours.

    Even though the internet has its benefits, everyone here is binary. We are all these little characters with their own writings/reading here.

    Also, the shopping from online is causing a lot of stores to get abandoned because people prefer shopping in their pjs and causing many to get unemployed.

    But with every good thing, there is the bad too. :I

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    1. Exactly! We’re all binary here, we’re a tiny part of the every expanding Internet.
      Yes, the online shopping is causing both, employment and unemployment, the difference is that it’s creating more “Internet jobs”, programmers, web developers, web designers etc.
      True. Every thing has its pros and cons. There’s nothing that does only good.

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  3. I like the internet for sure, but as someone who didn’t have an email till he was in college, it doesn’t seem like that long ago when I couldn’t have even conceptualized it. I definitely liked reading newspapers by hand (although that’s certainly environmentally unfriendly) and getting actual letters in the mail was very cool… I could imagine it going away completely, people would just find something else to do, that’s just the way we are. Cool article, you covered all the bases.

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      1. It’s kinda sad but at the same time good too, we’re advancing, but we’re leaving things behind, actually, that’s what happens every time, doesn’t it?
        I got a little emotional there, nevermind me, hehe, πŸ˜€

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      2. Yeah we’re advancing but can’t help to feel emo too as those traditional items are dying~ It happened to many many things I used to grow up with. This is making me sad~ I love the cassette tapes 😦

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  4. Hi,
    I know many people here. Cool post! I loved the pictures. All those pictures must have taken a long time. I saved your URL as reference. Has interesting stats.
    Thank you for following my blog. Pleased to meet you.
    Janice, Reflections

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  5. This was amazing! It really shows that the internet has done an awful lot for people for example jobs or having any information at the tip of our fingers lit rally.

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  6. There are also “cons” with the world wide web…

    1. You can easily be seen and found… Type your name and probably, there will be a site who knows you!

    2. We cannot justify that we are unreachable… Technology made sure that you can’t say that you will be out of touch.

    3. There are more onion-skinned people nowadays because of the “unfriend” and “unfollow” jargons.

    And lastly, socializing means your eyes is at your PC’s monitor while your fingers do the talking! πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, I tried a site that once did that, that’s why there’s so many spammers everywhere!
      Yeah nobody is totally “connected”, but that’s also a fortunate thing sometimes, sometimes you can just shut everything down and meditate with only yourself.
      I totally agree, it’s the online username identity that’s enabled people to put on masks on their true self and enabled them to become what they aren’t, it’s a really sad thing.

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  7. Personally I wouldn’t want to be without the internet now. For all it’s faults I don’t think we can blame it for how people choose to use it. I think it often gets bad press but we forget just how amazing a tool it is…like having an infinite library under your fingertips whenever you want it…that’s pretty amazing

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  8. Great post! But even if the internet is smashed, programmers will never be unemployed… The Internet and programming are two different things, you know πŸ™‚

    The geek shall inherit the earth! Hahaha

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  9. Hi,
    I think this is an important post since younger people will never know all the things you describe. You forgot one. #21 If the Internet didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be so obsessed about blogging!
    Thank you for your visit to my site this week. I’m glad you liked my post about recycling previous blog posts. I would have come sooner, but I was on an Internet free vacation!
    Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you think so!
      Actually, it kind of rhymes with my first two points about WordPress, so I guessed including it wouldn’t be required.
      I was glad I read it, I will use the tips you provided there to increase the reading value of my blog posts.
      Nice to meet you too!

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  10. Having been around before TELEVISION {I can’t believe I’m so old!), I know we would survive fine without the internet. But life would certainly be different than it is now.

    I think your What If series is a really good idea. I’m really enjoying your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your internet post inspired me to write another “I Remember When” post. I have been thinking about doing it for awhile, but after reading yours it was obvious that the time for me to do it was NOW!

      I just saw you signed up to follow my blog. I’m glad. I am following yours as well.

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  11. I wouldn’t say life would be better without the Internet, but definitely simpler πŸ™‚ Sometimes we miss that simple-aspect to live. Everything is now available on google..a part of life has become boring..no mystery left in life.
    Tho’ looking at the bright side..the Internet, like you said in your blog post is the present and definitely looking ahead better things are expected thru the virtual world.

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  12. When i first googled this i was thinking about my life personally, the people ive met relationships jobs even where i live would all be impacted even to the point its impossible to tell.


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