A time traveler’s guide to changing the past

Here’s a guide you’ll never use!

Humans have always wondered about time travel, in movies, books etc. but due to limited resources we haven’t yet experienced time travel.

But nothing stops us from imagining about it, after all, we’re humans, we’re really creative.


But what if you travelled through time and changed something in the past.

Would it change our present completely? Or will it remain identical? Or something else?

There are three primary theories for this:

The butterfly effect

By butterfly, I do not mean the literal one
By butterfly, I do not mean the literal one

This theory says that if your travel to the past and change the smallest thing, everything will change.

For example,
If you go kill a spider in Dino’s age, you stop its reproduction, killing its children, grandchildren and so on.


This wipes out the entire species of spiders, therefore flies rule the planet.

This means that there’s one changeable timeline, which is really dynamic, small disturbances can cause vast differences.

And these differences can change what you know of the world.

This theory is the most used for many movies and books about time travel.

*spoilers* *spoilers*

One such example is X-Men days of Future Past,

Mystique’s decision to not kill the President results in a totally different future, which totally changes the world.

*spoilers* *spoilers*

This theory is the most trusted by us creative people, as it’s the most interesting and flexible one, we can mould it according to our requirements.

The Multiverse theory

This is a pretty simple one, it supports the idea of multiple universes.


This theory states that if you stopped something from happening in the past, you don’t actually stop it, you enter a universe where it didn’t happen.

This means that there’s a new universe created every time you make a decision.

Which means there are a LOT of universes.

It’s crazy how big one universe is, and SO MANY universes, good lord!

The set timeline theory

This theory says that time is fixed and cannot be changed.

It is shaped like a line and cannot be altered.


This means that if you stop something from happening in the past, it would still happen somehow and the present would remain identical.

For example,
If you travel through time to kill Hitler, Hitler himself wouldn’t die, another baby will grow up to become Hitler and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This means that changing something in past will not affect the future in any way and that what is happening is meant to be, you cannot change it in any way.

Now that you know so much about time, wrap you head around this

The grandfather paradox

Read this carefully:

If Sam travelled back in time and killed his grandfather before his father’s birth, he himself wouldn’t be alive, which means he couldn’t travel through time to kill his grandfather, therefore his grandfather would be alive, which means that he himself would be alive and will travel back in time to kill his grandfather and so on.

What would happen in the above situation?

Happy time traveling!

1. Time Travel Paradoxes- Vsauce
2. Luciano Martinez’s comment on the above


15 thoughts on “A time traveler’s guide to changing the past

  1. So much good information. I have read some of these things because of genuine interest – the paradoxes and all. Time travel is still a distant dream. :-/ Maybe before that we will have to take oaths of not killing spiders and our grandfathers πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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