Creativity vs Innovation

Many people think creativity and innovation are the same, but they aren’t.

creativity vs innovation depiction

Having these qualities is a huge boost to your personality and career life, but many get confused between the two, these are two different things.

Creativity is not restricted to material, creativity can be in thoughts, it’s a broader concept than innovation.

It can fix a problem already present, it can fix a problem not present, a future problem, or even create a problem.

It’s also possible that it creates a problem of its own and fixes it itself.

Creativity is thinking something up differently, thinking up something new.

Innovation is doing things differently, solving problems in a new way.


“Problem” has a broader meaning here, it’s not only trouble, it’s something that doesn’t even concern anyone.

Let me explain it with an example:
The idea of WhatsApp or Snapchat was not a “problem” for anyone before their inventions, it didn’t concern anyone.

But now that it’s there, it’s a big part of our life and we can’t deny it.

It wasn’t a problem before when people communicated through phone, email, SMS etc.

The apps created a problem of their own and fixed it themselves.

Because creativity is not restricted to be materialistic, it’s immeasurable.

Another sharp contrast between creativity and innovation is that you can do absolutely nothing and affect not even a single soul in the world and still be called creative.

You can brainstorm hundreds of irrelevant ideas but still be creative.

But if you want to be innovative, you have to solve a problem in a creative manner.

Innovation needs creativity, creativity drives innovation, if a person is innovative, he’s most probably creative, however if a person is creative, it does not necessarily mean he’s innovative.

Another big difference between the two is, that innovation has to be relevant, whereas creativity doesn’t, from the Whatsapp and Snapchat example, we see that:

The apps were creativity before they were released, before their invention, they were not relevant and did not solve a problem.

But after they were created, they presented a problem and solved it relevantly, they then became innovation.

And to this day, companies like these keep creating and innovating.

If you want to innovate, you’ll have to be creative in your ideas, because if your idea isn’t creative, then it’s most probably used.

But after so much of thinking, can we say that one of these qualities is more desirable than the other?

Is innovation desired more than creativity? Or is it the other way around?

Innovation stems from creativity, you can be innovative only if you’re creative.

But if you only have creative thoughts, and not the guts to implement them, then why would somebody even care?

Actually, both of them are equally required to make a better individual, creativity and innovation both depend on each other.

The perfect combination of both the qualities is an asset to you, your company, and the ones around you.

Creativity is contagious, it spreads from one to another.

Innovation gives solutions, and who doesn’t like solutions!

What do you think? Which one is more desirable, Creativity or Innovation? Drop down to the comments below!


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