The Value of Life

Have you ever felt the true meaning of life? I did, and it left a mark on my soul.

Has it ever hit you? That moment when you were all philosophical and intellectual, when you started to wonder what the meaning of life was? What was the value of life?

It happened to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Just sit down and wonder how many people are currently present on earth, more than a billion, in fact, more than 7 billion people are alive on earth.


At the moment you’re reading this, children are being born, kids are celebrating their birthdays, somebody is having an accident and someone is breathing their last breath.

So much is happening in just a second, even in a millisecond, we are eating spaghetti while somebody somewhere is starving to death.


In such a large world, our lives don’t matter, many people do great things but through the course of time, their lives are forgotten.

Everything you do through your entire life will fade away after your death.

You may leave an imprint on the world, but that too, will fade away someday.

No matter how hard you try to end the world’s sufferings, somebody somewhere will suffer and the evil will never end.

We live through this darkness all our lives and yet nobody cares.

Is this the value of life? Is this why we live through so many years? To be forgotten?

Does that mean that life is invaluable and meagre? It doesn’t even matter?

There was a dead dog lying near our house.

At first, I felt the need to get the dog removed from the colony as it would spread infection.

I noticed that several dogs were always sitting beside the dead body.

I couldn’t figure at first what they wanted.

The next morning, a van came into the colony to pick up kids for school. It was a routine for every morning.

The van had to turn around to exit the colony (again a routine).

While the van was turning, those dogs started barking furiously.

At first I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Then I realized.

The van while turning had approached the dog dangerously close.

The dogs were trying to protect the dead dog.

But why were they protecting somebody who was dead?

Because they valued the dog.

They valued his life.

I could see the spark of love for their dead relative in their eyes.

They fought for him and eventually ran away.

Although billions of people don’t know you exist, those who do know you, value you, they love you and you matter to them.

You’re a significant part of their lives, you’re important to them.

Does it actually matter if everybody on earth knows you? What will it get you? Fame, sure, but, is fame everything?

Although life is short, it’s unfair, it’s unforgiving, it’s still yours and the ones who love you make it worth living.

Our families, the friends we make, the things we survive through is a reminder of the love we get.

Does it really matter if you don’t have a big social circle?

If you keep worrying about such small things, you might not ever be able to enjoy life.

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a lot of friends, love the ones you have, don’t have any friends, love your pets, your parents, your family, your sibling.


Just keep loving, caring and giving.

You can’t improve the whole world but you can do something, right?

Your small charity can be insignificant to others, but it can be world changing to that one person you helped selflessly.


You’ll never be able to leave an imprint on the world forever, but you can leave your imprint on people’s hearts.

Love people so much that they protect you even after your death, give people so much that they stay beside you forever, give love and take love.

Maybe the dog understood the true meaning of life.

The world might become a better place or a worse one, you won’t have enough control to change it otherwise.

But you have enough control to be remember in the hearts of many.

So I leave the question to you:
What is the the value of life according to you?

Drop it in the comments below and thanks for reading.


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