How To Cheer Up On A Bad Day

Everyone has their bad days and good days, and to make the bad into good, you need to cheer up, here are some ways to do that.

Life is like a boat, unsteady, it has its ups and downs and it has its bad days.

Everybody has bad days, the day when everything goes wrong and you feel like life isn’t playing fair.

Let me tell you one thing though, life is NEVER fair, but what goes around, comes around, my friend.

I’m not here to give you a life lesson, that’s one for another day, I’m here to cheer you up, so here you go:

Listen to cheerful music

Probably the best stress reliever, music can do wonders nothing else can.


When you listen to music, a chemical called “dopamine” is released which makes you “feel good”.

Listening to cheerful music will bring out that happiness hidden in the corners of your heart.

My personal favourite is Sugar by Maroon 5 and Titanium (I know Titanium’s old but it still has that punch.)

Don’t listen to depressing music though, it might depress you even more.



Good dancer or bad, losing your feet on the dance floor (or your home) can be exhausting yet relaxing.

Dance expresses your emotions through your feet below and cools your head above, fascinating isn’t it?

Also, it’s a nice way to stay fit, it exercises your whole body and improves your body coordination and rhythm.

It circulates blood throughout the body and it also increases your self confidence.

Deliver a speech

Go in front of the mirror and start speaking non-stop, without any preparations, without any ends or limits, without thinking about what you’re speaking, without any language boundaries, and most importantly, without anybody, because, trust me, they’ll make your day worse than before after listening to your mile long speech.

It doesn’t matter what you speak about, what matters is that you, speak your heart out.

Let it be a rant, let it be bad, you’re no saint, nobody is.

But what’s said is said, don’t keep any hard feelings after that, you said it, end of story.

Talk to your loved ones


Remember “dopamine”? The “feel good” chemical?

Yeah, after taking to the people you love, your mom, dad, wife, whatever, dopamine is released, which excites you and makes you feel good.

And it’ll also improve your relationship with them, because if you share your bad days with me, I know I can trust you with mine.

Go talk to them, make yourself feel valued, it’ll bring out the good in you.

Take some selfies

Ever wondered why people love taking selfies so much?


It’s because it boosts their self confidence, people love admiring themselves and there’s nothing wrong in that.

In fact, everyone should admire themselves, and everyone, should take some selfies.

Get therapy (for free)

While talking to a therapist and letting it all out can be amazing, most of us can’t afford that.

But, there’s still a ray of hope, 7 Cups of Tea is an online community of free “listeners”, where you can vent out your problems to real people who will listen to you, help you and counsel you, all of this without worrying about the society.

You can also keep your identity anonymous while talking, although I recommend you to make an account for unbarred access to the website.

Or you can download the app for Android and iOS for easier access.

Take a hike

Have a walk somewhere nice, it’s good to sometimes step away from everything and fall into the hands of Mother Nature.


Go to a park, to a farm, to the countryside, somewhere real, where true nature resides, hold nature’s hand and run away from everything for a while.



Although escaping with nature might be good, the best way to run away from the world is to have a nice sleep.

And not a goodnight sleep, everybody has it, sleep during the afternoons, when the world runs, you shut down and when it shuts down, you’re fresh and brand new.

Turn on the ac (or heater) and jump into bed!

Watch a movie, read a book, distract yourself


The most simple and efficient way, distract yourself from the bad things that happened, go watch a movie, read some books, make yourself feel that you have a good life.

Last thing

The last thing I want to say is, every single human on earth has bad days, they deal with it and so should you.


Stop killing yourself for whatever happened, you did a mistake, Big Deal!

There are more than 7 billion people on earth, if every one of them keeps whining about their bad days, there won’t be anything left of Earth.

So get over it and be happy, that’s one of the best things you can do for mankind.

What do you do on such days? Tell me in the comments section below and subscribe for receiving instant updates on my posts.

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