13 ways to avoid Boredom

Being bored is boring, here are 13 ways to avoid getting bored.

Although getting bored can be good, it’s mostly boring, here are 13 ways to avoid getting bored.

Make everything a game
Pretend that the floor is on lava and try to reach the next room without getting burnt.

Try out something new
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you do something extreme like going skydiving, just something new, small or big.


1. Try out a new TV channel or TV series.
2. Try music from a totally different genre or from a different artist you don’t usually listen to.

Do a puzzle


Why? Because puzzles are damn fun.

Convert simple chores into challenges
1. Challenge yourself to wash the dishes in say, 5 minutes.
2. Instead of walking to a park, try to reach the park in a specific time period, like 3 minutes or whatever you wish.

Play an old game


Take out that old super Mario game from the shelf and play it.

Socialize with new people or people you don’t talk to much


Use Facebook to talk to old friends you haven’t talked to in a while.

Rearrange your books


By colour, alphabetically, by author, anything you like.

Work out

You can work out at home through this app on your Android or iOS device.
Sorry! I couldn’t find the iOS link but you can search it on the app store by the name “7 minute workout”

Learn something
If you’re in the mood for some learning, you can go to Udemy, Khan academy or Coursera to learn cool new stuff. After all learning is growing.

Interview someone

Try to find out about the life of someone by interviewing them, it may feel awkward but who knows if your interview goes viral.

Try to survive through this clip
10 minutes of afro circus from Madagascar will fry your brain.

Make a list

About the things you love, best chocolates till date, your favourite songs, anything you feel like.

Start a blog
If you have enough time to blog at least once a week and have enough to keep your readers interested, start a blog at WordPress or at Blogger.

What do you do when bored? Tell me in the comments below!


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