Is Facebook dying?

Many say Facebook will fade away in the coming years, here’s what I have to say.

It’s been 10 years, Facebook has been around for more than 10 years and like every old thing, it’s becoming obsolete.

Β Not_facebook_not_like_thumbs_down

Or is it?

Many reports say that Facebook will become old in the future years and will have a fate like Orkut.

Obviously we can’t predict the future but these reports do mean something, right? Right?

Let’s face it, teenagers are losing interest in Facebook, everyone’s there, so it’s lost its “cool” factor and honestly I myself feel Facebook is a pain, I mean I could leave Facebook anytime but the social awkwardness…

“Everyone has Facebook, why don’t you?”

I can best describe Facebook in the words of Andrew Watts, the teenager who nailed social media. It’s become “an awkward family dinner party we can’t really leave”

But does that scare Facebook? It does but it really isn’t that big of a issue for the parent company of Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, Instagram is the new Facebook for teens, everybody isn’t there so it’s “cool” and teens spend most if their time there.

Β 6915403022_af241f182f_o

But we should remember that Facebook isn’t the small social network that it was some years ago, it’s a big multiplatform company, it owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and keeps acquiring companies.

Β images

It’s become an umbrella of continuously evolving social networks and Mark tends to keep it that way.

And let’s not forget that Facebook still has the highest social penetration among internet users.

You know, I have another idea.

What if Facebook becomes a parent network.

What if Facebook becomes the social network of parents, teenagers are left to Instagram and Twitter and parents use Facebook, everybody stays happy.

Well that’d be interesting

As I mentioned before, Facebook, unlike the past years is now a multiplatform company, its span of products ensures its social dominance throughout the coming years.

Facebook is taking a Google approach, Google, once a search engine has now become a full fledged multiplatform company, it offers its services on many platforms. Facebook is doing the same, it’s becoming a corporation for various products, like Google, it’s moving off its social network course and becoming a company that offers many services, hopefully free.

It may never be able to take over Google, because Google is a legend, but it could be a legend reborn, it may stay beside Google, another legend.

So I must say, yes, Facebook is dying, really slowly, really really slowly, but it’s definitely not dead, well at least for the oldies and it’s gonna stick around for some time.

And if it does become a big service provider, then be ready to see Facebook everyday, everywhere.

Which is your favorite social network? Comment down below and stay tuned.

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26 thoughts on “Is Facebook dying?

  1. These corporations like Facebook are giants! Orkut was just a product – and it was closed.
    I don’t think that fb is going off in near future. Maybe a decade later – only if it can’t adapt to the changes in people and technology – but not today.
    PS: I am not yet on Facebook, but I think it will survive without me, huh? πŸ™‚

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