Is Teenage The Best Time of Our Lives?

Is teenage truly the best time of one’s life, or is it a lie?

What is the most difficult time of your life, not birth (eat, sleep, repeat), not work life (you get to make your own decisions), not old age (you do whatever you like), it is teenage.

Do you like to be underestimated, do you like to be overestimated, do you like someone else to take your own decisions, do you like decisions being forced upon you, do you like people judging you on every little thing you do, do you like the burden you have to face, do you like the career thinking, do you like balancing your life between study, fun and social. NO, all this adds up to to your stress in life and makes you tense.

The problems teenagers face are considered small by elders. They think of us as guys who need degree more than direction, who need marks more than understanding, who need future more than present.

The Indian Society just builds this all up and makes a fort with some extra job cannons which fire with only limited job opportunities and not something creative but just plain logical.

If we come more to the fact part a teenager trying to wake up at 7 am is as difficult as a 60 year old person trying to wake up at 4 am (Source: BuzzFeedVideo). Imagine waking up at 6 am every day and our parents saying you sleep too much on holidays.

But why is teenage life the most enjoyable part of your life? Because we like to explore, we live carefree, we bunk classes, we have fun with friends, we live life today not tomorrow and that’s what makes us a teenager.


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