Let’s talk about hobbies.

Everyone enjoys some things, but they’re not always the same. I love writing, you may love reading or playing games or swimming or anything. That are the activities that give you pleasure, which you do for yourself and not for the world or money or anything.

It’s your soul which encourages you to do this. But does your soul say it’s a waste of time? You need a reality check brother. Because hobbies = waste of time = wrong!!

Your logical mind is going crazy! OK that was a little exaggerated but still not that correct.

Because some things need to be wasted time upon and in fact it is actually yielding you something. Character. Character development as everyone knows is something really important as nobody wants to know or employ or do anything with a characterless person.

Your character makes you stand out from the crowd. Your one ability that you think is worthless is pretty worthy as your character defines you, it’s a permanent tag that hangs on your back that everyone sees and judges you on.

So you’ll be like, “Okay, I get it, character, so what, I already have a character and I don’t need to add anything else.”

Well everybody needs more money, don’t they? What if I tell you that your hobbies can earn you money. Your simple knitting habit can become a business which you can grow and make money off.

Yes it’s true, people do make their hobbies as jobs but it’s not for everyone and not for every hobby. The only hobbies that work are the ones that are in demand, the ones people want and for some people some things are better left untouched. But if you have the will and are sure that you want it as a career then go for it. I can’t tell you how to make your career as I’m still trying to make mine but give it your best shot and wait for it. If yes: party! If no: Try again!

Many people have a misconception that if your hobby becomes a job it becomes boring. NO!

A hobby as a job will give you pleasure and satisfaction and you’ll be happy and energetic after doing your job and returning home happy rather than exhausted.

Author’s notes: I don’t wanna be rude or anything but please, all those people who comment on the Facebook or twitter links, please I have a comment option below, you can use that.

Another thing, this serious stuff is getting too much, so I’m trying humor. But I don’t have a clue what to write. If any one of you could help it would be really kind and I’d appreciate your efforts forever.


8 thoughts on “Hobbies!

  1. Well…. if u want to write humor….

    Pick up any event from your life and start writing…. see if u can describe that event in a different manner….

    Be an outsider of those events…. be a third person…. try to visualize the same set of events… happened with u… from the eye of a spectator….

    Think out f the box…… to write good…. you have to read good…. try some coool authors … who write funny… chetan bhagat isn’t a bad option…. too….

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