Bored? Think of It The Other Way

Let’s think of boredom in a different way.

Nowadays with technology we have instant content everywhere and it has become difficult to get bored. But the saying still lives: You get the best ideas when you’re bored.

You may notice that children are losing their creativity. Why is this happening? Same answer, boredom = a big NO.

See getting bored isn’t good, you shouldn’t waste your time but having a small attention span is wrong.

Because what we think of boredom is simply our brain which thinks slow means boring.

Our world runs on pace and it has started hating slow more and more every second. And even though doing what you don’t like is stupid, some boring things are good, but they’re just too slow.

But wait, boredom isn’t always good, yes it does generate ideas but many criminals admitted to have committed crime because they were: “bored”.

So boredom generates good and bad ideas both and even though it’s your mind it’s difficult to control its thoughts.

So what you SHOULD do is: Keep away from things you find boring but keep some meditation time or calm time where you think of the things that you want to do in life and admire whatever God has gifted you.

Author’s note: Hey everyone this was another of my ideas which I thought would be interesting to share. Found it “boring” or wanna hear more from my crazy mind? Type it in the comments below.


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